The Kitchen of our home away from home

Stainless Steel appliances

Our first home was the first time I completely remodeled a kitchen.   Since it was my first remodeling and I haven't lived in the house, I let my GC/architect made all the design decisions. I only picked the appliances and the cabinet doors.  I have done a few remodelings since then, but I never had the chance to gut the kitchen and start with a blank slate.  With this kitchen, I'm taking the time to think about all the little features that I want in my kitchen but couldn't.  I'm really enjoying the process. I finally am going to get an apron sink in my kitchen.  I like cast iron apron sink, but it is too traditional for me.  Stainless steel apron sink is the perfect choice because it appeals to minimalist in me.  I will finally have a skinny cabinet to store all the cookie sheets and cutting boards.  I always wanted one of those.

Bosch Electric Cooktop


Gas range is not an option here at the Mahana so I settled for the Bosch Slide-in Electric Convection range. I like its clean profile with all the knobs in the front.  I put in a spice cabinet to the right of the range because I like to have easy access to the spices while I cook.  Deep drawers allow me to store cooking utensils within my reach while I cook.

White Quartz countertop


I  love this counter so much I thought it should have its own section.  Love it!  I love it so much that I will also use it as the material for the backsplash.  The counter will be the focal point of my kitchen and nothing can upstage it.

Cabinets & Quartz countertop


Shaker or not Shaker?  I used Shaker style on our cabinet doors 18 years ago when not too many people were using it.  I thought my kitchen was very unique.  Have you been Houzz lately? Everyone is using Shaker style door for their kitchen cabinets.  Using a unique stain color on this traditional door style gives it a modern twist.  I love how it looks next to my white countertop.  I hope it will turn out stunning as I imagine it would be.