Our little piece of heaven

Spectacular Sunset


We live in coastal Southern California and have our fair share of beautiful sunsets; however, West Maui put on spectacular colorful shows on a regular basis.  The nearby islands Lanai and Molokai add extra interest to the typical flat horizon on the ocean.

More sand, palm trees, and ocean breezes


Did I mention the spectacular view?

Kaanapali Beach


Miles of sandy beach to your left.  View of the famous black rock is in front of you with the Lanai island on your left.

View of Molokai island


Enjoy the view of the Lanai or Molokai island on the lush green lawn and a good book, or step on the beach and feel the sand on our feet.

Palm trees and beaches


The palm trees provide needed shades during the hot afternoon and add visual interest to the view beyond.  I have stayed at hotels on the top floors with direct ocean view.  The expansive ocean while very beautiful, it gives me the same feeling when I'm on an ocean liner in the middle of the sea.  I'm stimulated visually but somewhat detached from the scene below.  Being on the third floor, I can enjoy the beach scene below me, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, the swaying of the palm leaves in the ocean breeze.  All of those sights and sound are very addictive and I found my senses long for these stimulations when I'm back home in Southern California even though the weather is very similar.

Dining set on the lanai


Enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the lanai with this comfortable Janus' Viola outdoor dining set.  These stylish chairs enable you to spend as long as you see fit to enjoy the expanded oceanview or trying to spot for whales or turtles.